Just Short of Genius: Removable Patch for Covering a Portion of the Body from View

Picture of adhesive patch covering butt crack exposed by low rise pants.

The Problem

“So-called … plumber’s crack is a known, unsightly, and unfortunately overly common problem wherein the waistband of a pair of pants does not ride sufficiently high over the hips of the wearer. …the sitting, squatting, or bending motion urges the waistband downward exposing the upper portion of the buttocks cleavage. Although male wearers may not be overly concerned with exposing the buttocks cleavage, many female wearers would rather not inadvertently expose their buttocks cleavage.” Fair enough, how do we solve this problem?

The Solution

Jeepers Creepers, where did you get those eyes? The natural solution is an adhesive patch that not only covers the buttocks, but also gives a scornful stare back at those ogling men. This patent consists of two components. The first is an adhesive layer that sticks to the skin of the area of the body to be covered. Second, an artistic layer is then applied to the base layer. I hope they intended to sell artistic designs other than the glaring eyes in the drawing, because I don’t like the feeling of being watched.

Would this product survive in the market?

Such a shame this patent was never granted, because it seems so effective that it would be sure to be a winner in the market. However, notice that the market is totally redefined from the patent for the Garment Having a Buttocks Cleavage Revealing Feature. Yes, I am sure these products are intended for different age groups, but one man’s problem seems to be another man’s goal. On the other hand, the patent application for the patch came after the revealing pants patent. Maybe there is some connection.


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