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February 24, 2021

Michele Fiorentino,战略与业务发展副总裁, has a powerful personal motivation as he helps to lead the Baker Hughes transformation to an energy technology company, the biggest and most important shift in its long history.

“I have a 10-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter and I’ve been in the oil and gas business for much of my career and often they have asked me whether I was polluting the world…,” says Fiorentino. “Finally, I can now answer without hesitation that I am working hard helping make the world cleaner, and they can be proud of their dad.”

Michele Fiorentino_ Energy Forward
Michele Fiorentino, EVP of Strategy & Business Development, Baker Hughes

Fiorentino, who has a PhD in chemical engineering and a Masters’ from London Business School, has held leadership roles across the energy, manufacturing and chemical industries, which have included a number of transformation projects and initiatives. He joined Baker Hughes in 2020 to head up the company’s long-term growth strategy, with energy transition a key plank in his remit.

他经常通过这个星球这一至关重要的拐点的复杂性来思考。“有时候开发极化景观太容易:”化石燃料很糟糕“,”任何不是化石燃料的东西都很好“,”他说。“现实是,为了成功的能量转变,我们需要解决根本原因andcure the effect. So, we must simultaneously reduce the carbon footprint associated with the production of energy from fossil fuels, as well as lower the fossil fuels in the energy mix.”

''The reality is that for the energy transition to be successful, we need to address the root cause and cure the effect.''

Michele Fiorentino, Baker Hughes


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Baker Hughes engineer adjusts weather sensing device as part of LUMEN methane monitoring solution

与尖端技术和持续的investment in innovation across both the oil and gas and energy value chains, Baker Hughes is perfectly positioned to help in this critical mission. “We have a number of technologies to decarbonize fossil fuel energy production and also technologies that can help us facilitate the development of green energy value chains,” he says. “It’s what really brought me here to Baker Hughes. Even a couple of years ago, some people would have said energy transition is just a fad. Today, almost everyone acknowledges that it’s a necessity.”

Fiorentino加入了Baker188金宝搏官网下载 Hughes,开发了Baker Hughes如何在100年历史上最大的转型来发展的路线图。该公司将通过脱碳的能源价值链来缩放,使其深入的经验和技术能力成为一系列新的挑战,不仅面临石油和天然气,而且面临其他行业。

As much as he admires his company’s technical prowess, Fiorentino cautions: “There is notechnical or engineering solution here … energy transition is a系统play, not a single technology play.” He ticks off a few of the key solutions that in combination will be critical to successful decarbonization, including energy storage, energy efficiencies, demand-response management, and carbon capture, utilization and storage [CCUS].


Michele Fiorentino, Baker Hughes

“We need a host of technical solutions, which is why the regulatory framework is so important, which will further the development of technologies and enable economies of scale to make solutions such as CCUS economically viable,” he explains.

Energy Forward_michele Story_Image 3
188金宝搏官网下载Baker Hughes'LM9000燃气轮机测试台

更importantly, he adds, “We need to create the right rules that enable these technologies to work as integrated systems, as opposed to discrete systems, and across boundaries. Energy is a global business, not a local business.”

While realistic about the huge challenges ahead to decarbonize the world – Baker Hughes has 2050 as its target date to reach net-zero CO2equivalent emissions – he is optimistic. “In times of crisis, people recognize they need help, and this creates a more open communication channel as people say, ‘How do we help each other?” he says.

Collaboration is essential for success and Fiorentino says staying open and looking forward is key. “People run the risk of looking down at their feet – they don’t raise their heads enough because they’re just really dealing with the urgency of one problem after the other.”


As Fiorentino scans the future horizon, it’s also clear to him that “in a period of transition, the customers you have today may not be your customers tomorrow”. To that end, he sees success ahead for those who “develop strategic platforms and closer relationships with a range of different customers, including those who are coming from left field and will become an important part of the system in, say, 30 years’ time.”

Fiorentino敦促石油和天然气行业拥抱降低碳足迹的挑战,并指出其悠久的工程创新历史。他认为为现有行业的创造性解决方案对脱碳来说更为重要,而不是通过剥夺或退出该部门来响应。“你不必离开问题让它消失 - 你可以通过脱碳来解决你做的事情,”他说。“这些公司有能力成为解决方案的一部分。使这些公司特殊的事情之一是他们在解决大型工程挑战方面的专业知识 - 并且没有比减少化石燃料能源生产的碳足迹更大的工程挑战。最好的戏剧是将资源放在他们已经运作的扇区中的脱碳解决方案,而不是远离它。“


“Change is difficult: It takes focus, it takes energy, and it takes time''

Michele Fiorentino, Baker Hughes

Energy Forward_michele Story_Image 4

“Change is difficult: it takes focus, it takes energy, and it takes time; three things that are never abundant all together but are needed for a transformation of this kind,” says Fiorentino. “The biggest risks are cultural: being anchored to the past and unable to lift off and unlearn in order torelearn。或投影toofar into the future and jumping there. There’s only one reality: the present. The future is made out of a number of ‘presents’, lined up one after the other; the past is the same, but going the other direction. You need to be able to bridge the two, and not be too anchored to the past and have an eye to the future. Your task is to build a bridge from one to the other. There’s no secret recipe other than just keep at it.”