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One day Dean Gaddy is drilling for oil, the next he’s drilling for pure water. In his role as the Permian Reliability Engineering Manager of Artificial Lift Systems at Baker Hughes, Dean optimizes fossil fuel extraction…on his rural Texas retreat he correlates the sun’s irradiance on any given day with the performance of his solar installation.

In his spare time and when working remotely from his new part-time home, Dean and his 21-year-old daughter Natalie are creating a sanctuary, supported by colleagues and supervisors at Baker Hughes.

他的双燃料寿命始于奇特姐妹的繁琐姐姐之一,德克萨斯州南部南部的三大令人着名的兴高采烈的德克萨斯山国家牧场道路。通过其发夹弯曲的旋转,制动和转动是为了聚焦感官。在这个场合,迪恩环顾四周,对他的伙伴说,“我想投资这片土地”。他发现了25亩,需要一些需要一些爱的小屋,以及沉船 - 院长,他的第一个资格是地质学家,最初想到了这个特征是陨石罢工的天线地图。他后来发现它是那些在大约6500万年前沉积在白垩纪海路中的石灰石下沉的地方之一,佩戴它在地面水平作为完美椭圆形的地面坍塌,同时形成下面的含水层。

Natalie was studying Economics and Foreign Affairs at the University of Texas in Austin when COVID-19 hit. “Austin has the most gorgeous campus,” says Dean, but like so many students around the world, Natalie was locked in cramped quarters.

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去年,院长在Baker Hughes,Morteza Fougerdi,Juan188金宝搏官网下载 Nieto和Dave Dillon上告诉他的监事,他觉得他不得不用他们的新土地作为让她远离她微小的公寓的方式。他说,“我们公司在这些艰难时期拥有如此伟大的文化,我的主管立即支持对我的兼职偏远的工作制度。”Gaddy的德克萨斯州幸运的是,从附近的光纤线路互联网接收,但没有水或电力,所以一旦他组织网格连接,Dean每月都能够从舱室工作。

Soon after, the father and daughter evolved a plan for using solar power to pump water from the aquifer 400 feet below the surface and to serve all their future electricity needs.

Well, well, well, whaddya know?

Dean channeled his drilling and completion expertise, acquired over the years since he first worked as a driller in Colorado in the late 1970s to raise the money he needed to study geology. Back then, he says he drilled a 7,200-foot oil well in 32 rotating hours in the Denver-Julesburg Basin. His West Texas project progressed a little more slowly: “The ground out there is really, really hard; it’s limestone ledges with chert so I had to get special equipment to dig the trenches, and a hammer bit to drill the well, but we didn’t have any major issues,” says Dean.

His well-completion design mimics his professional practice by using gravel-packed slotted PVC liners instead of steel; and a two-horsepower submersible pump delivering 20 gallons per minute to the surface, or in oil parlance, 720 barrels a day.

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Water well completion, Dean Gaddy in the middle.

迪恩说,他和他的女儿“坚定地认为太阳能应该安装在每个家中。”他的第一次安装在2018年,是在德克萨斯州米德兰的主要住所,所以使用他所知的东西来安装一个地面安装的4.35千瓦(kW)太阳能电池板,一个7.6 kW逆变器(将DC转换为AC电流)和5.6千瓦电池模块,存储和双向提供太阳能。

最初,使用与太阳能一样多的加油,因为它们可以将水从含水层泵送到现在为舱室供应的2,400加仑的坦克,并填补他们用戴钵划挖的池塘,并衬有油田储备 - 坑衬里(否则水,就像在下雨后用污水一样,将离开地下)。对于这些项目,他们也必须从网格中汲取能量,但在未来的院长说,该系统通常会为他们的所有需求提供动力,甚至在将多余的能量导出到网格时赚取其实用信贷。

The healing power of the sun

Dean says he sees his daughter’s spirits lift whenever she’s able to come out to the land and spend time in nature, working on a project that is designed for sustainable living.

嘉德斯在德克萨斯山国家牧场环绕着牧场,宁愿致电自然保护区的种植面积。他们不打算运行牲畜,或射击白尾和轴鹿,该鹿在他们的池塘停下来喝酒。相反,Dean保留了他的野生动物景点,特别是许多鸟类,如红衣主教,鞭子,自行车,蜂鸟,钉钉和蓝色的鸟鸟,并且已经设定了追踪鹿运动的游戏摄像机。“这里的最壮观的事情之一是墨西哥帽子,”他补充说,用黄色或锈红的花朵的丰富的常年植物 - “哦,我的主在春天非常华丽!”

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