具有高达44%的简单循环效率,仅需5到10分钟,维护间隔为3至4年,适用于高单元可用性,燃料灵活性宽,轻巧的轻质设计,为快速发动机交换,我们的20至110 MW Aeroderivative燃气轮机是管道压缩,海上平台,气体重新注入和液化天然气厂的理想选择。

Hydrogen for energy transition

188金宝搏官网下载贝克休斯has established experience burning a variety of fuel mixtures with high hydrogen content, including about 70 projects worldwide using Frame and aeroderivative gas turbines. Our aeroderivatives can burn up to 85% hydrogen, and NOx emissions can be abated through water injection into the combustion section.

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