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We are Lufkin Gears and Allen Gears, Baker Hughes businesses.
We provide reliable power transmission technologies and services to solve the unique needs of every application across industry segments.


Our gearboxes transmit power from engines, motors, turbines, and compressors in mechanical drive, turbo, Industrial, and marine propulsion applications around the world. Our products and services are known worldwide for dependability and performance that boost uptime and improve reliability while driving down maintenance costs.

Using a modular design approach, our expert engineers collaborate with customers to create solutions for demanding power transmission applications. We draw on advanced materials, technologies, and manufacturing processes, along with our deep engineering expertise to meet any challenge. Our portfolio includes parallel shaft, right-angle, epicyclic, and integrally geared configurations.

We're committed to providing high-quality equipment with competitive costs and delivery times. With 24/7 global support, our certified experts are ready to deliver unmatched service—whenever and wherever it's needed. In addition to servicing our own Lufkin Gears, Allen Gears, and Baker Hughes industrial gear products, we continue providing the same high level of service we always have for products from over 30 other manufacturers.

Product safety

A relentless pledge to safety underpins the entire lifecycle of all our products. We're committed to acting with integrity and managing risk across our enterprise—in design, manufacturing, testing, servicing, and in monitoring our global installed fleet.

The product safety culture in Turbomachinery & Process Solution is nurtured through our pillars:

  • Accountability and commitment
  • From reactive to proactive
  • Governance
  • Functional and process safety
  • Customer value

Product safety is everyone's responsibility at Baker Hughes. It's entrenched in our core values to lead, collaborate, grow, and care; and it’s a vital part of every-day life at all our facilities worldwide.

Serving the Americas and beyond

Lufkin, Texas

Our flagship technologies were developed here nearly a century ago. Today, it designs and manufactures new units, and is our Center of Excellence for repair, remanufacturing, and services— including drop-in replacements and upgrades for all power transmission needs.

Manufacturing and service

Fougerolles, France

This advanced facility has been manufacturing high-speed and low-speed gears as well as couplings since 1965. The site also provides global design support, and repair services to customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. We recently expanded its capabilities to manufacture our Allen Gears epicyclic gearboxes, and added machining capabilities and test stands, including one with a 2.5 MW driver.

Gearboxes Pershore, UK
Epicyclic design and field service

Pershore, UK

At our Allen Gears Epicyclic Design and Field Service Center of Excellence, the engineering team designs bespoke gearboxes to the latest standards, and provides upgrades and operational improvements to the existing epicyclic designs and installed fleet. The field service team travels worldwide both on and offshore to support customers with routine overhauls, fitting of replacement parts, gear breakdowns, and fault finding on our own units as well as gears by other OEMs.

End-to-end solutions
  • Custom-engineered gearbox solutions
  • Customer collaboration from design to manufacturing
  • High-speed and low-speed Lufkin Gears
  • Allen Gears epicyclic gearboxes
  • Marine propulsion gears
  • Parallel-shaft gears for 100+ MW
  • Epicyclic gears for 35+ MW
  • Combination parallel-shaft and epicyclic units
  • Services on Lufkin Gears, Allen Gears, and units by over 30 other manufacturers
  • Pools of gearbox-specialized Field Service Engineers based in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey
  • Gear-type couplings
  • High-performance bearings
  • Custom gearboxes for test stands
  • Multiple inputs or outputs shafts/speeds
  • Clutch integration
  • Fixed-profile journal and thrust bearings
  • Tilting-pad journal and thrust bearings

Gearbox Applications
High-speed parallel-shaft gears
Low-speed gears
Epicyclic gears
Metals (Alum, Steel)
Marine - Blue Water Medium & High Speed Diesels Steam & Gas Turbine, & Elec. Motor Drives
Marine - Brown Water Medium & Low Speed Diesels, and Electric Motor Drives
LNG, Refining, Chemical PetroChemical
Air Separation
Power Gen

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Fougerolles Center of Excellence for Lufkin Gears and Allen Gears products and services.

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