See how the Baker Hughes IWS team aligned with the customer, designeda multi-year CT drilling campaign, and then executed it perfectly to increase both well delivery efficiency and production.


Revitalize your existing assets and access bypassed reserves withintegrated coiled-tubing (CTD) servicesfrom Baker Hughes. Combining decades of field experience and project management with wide ranging drilling tools and services, Integrated CTD Services help mitigate your drilling risks while expanding your revenue opportunities.

The right approach to boosting ROI

Integrated CTD is part of the Baker Hughes Integrated Well Services approach to managing your field operations safely, reliably, and cost effectively. Take advantage of our more than 20 years of global CTD operations to improve your return on investment (ROI) through an integrated suite of resources that consider your entire project.

Our integrated approach lets you:

  • Leverage existing wells to geosteer to bypassed reserves.Our extensive reservoir navigation expertise, coupled with advanced CTD bottomhole assemblies and other tools, lets you land precisely at these bypassed targets. You’ll save on surface leases while using existing surface equipment to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Maintain production and cash flow during drilling.Our team understands and knows how to navigate your reservoir so that you can continue producing safely while drilling.

  • Meet or exceed your well construction goals.We’ll be your single point of accountability on the project and share your commitment to project efficiency and hitting targets.

When it comes to extending your well’s production potential, only Baker Hughes has the full complement of integrated CTD skills and technology to let you fully capitalize on your bypassed reservesorproduction enhancement strategy.

联系我们今天学习coiled-tu集成bing drilling services at Baker Hughes can help you maximize the ROI of your producing assets.

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