These CT and re-entry drilling systems access new and/or previously bypassed pay zones economically, to maximize ultimate recovery, improve revenue, and extend field life.


  • Coiltrak™用于高级CT重新输入应用的盘绕式BHA系统
  • Advanced slim measurement-while-drilling (MWD) system for through-tubing rotary drilling and standard slimhole drilling applications

模块化系统都提供精确的方向钻孔,高级MWD和可选的记录 - 钻机(LWD)功能,以成功支持您的特殊项目。其他技术还可以改善整体性能。通过精确的工具表面控制和深度相关性,在设置鞭子和窗口切割时降低了风险。

The wellbore placement within the reservoir is optimized by the provided formation evaluation data and the systems’ geosteering capability. The drilling efficiency and the wellbore control is increased by the downhole sensor information from the BHA.

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