As you drill new wells in more complex and less familiar formations,有线开孔记录tools can help you safely and efficiently collect critical downhole information. The Baker Hughes wireline conveyance service combines field-proven technology, modeling, processes, and best practices in a total system approach.

Working with our logging experts, you get access to safe, cost-effective deployment options for logging tools in your most complex well environments—from ultra-long horizontal wellbores with tortuous paths to high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) producing wells.

Log difficult well paths with ease

Navigate and log your highly deviated, openhole wellbores with inclinations of up to 75 degrees, while avoiding the operational and HSE concerns common to other conveyance methods.

Acquire critical data in extreme conditions


Instantly access log data wherever you are


Select the ideal deployment option

Get in and out of any wellbore easily and effectively—regardless of well trajectory or ambient conditions—with a wide range of pipe-conveyed, tractor-conveyed, and coiled tubing-conveyed logging systems.

Let’s work together to find the ideal wireline openhole logging solution to safely acquire your critical downhole data in less time, at lower costs, and with a smaller rig crew.


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Wireline openhole logging