网络研讨会 - 使用选择性水上rpm带来井回到生机




  • 通过减少水生产,增加通过增强的绘图和碳氢化合物流入来改善井经济学,增加石油或气体流量
  • 通过减少用于处理和处置的采出水量来减少二氧化碳排放
  • 每单位生产的提升成本降低

  • Sandstone formations
  • 油水界面附近可采储量高含水井
  • 成熟孔,低压



High water cut in oil and gas wells leads to a host of problems, and ultimately impacts the economic life of your well. Typical solutions are indiscriminate, blocking both water and hydrocarbon production, and often require costly workovers and long shut-in times. Specifically in mature fields, the cost and risks associated with these conventional methods outweigh return-on-investment.

水上屠夫相对渗透率调节剂(RPM)from Baker Hughes, is a subsurface water conformance product that decreases the water cut in mature sandstone wells, reducing associated processing and disposal costs while also extending the productive life of the well. By selectively targeting only the water phase of produced fluids, AquaCUT RPM products reduce the amount of produced water with minimal impact on hydrocarbon production.


In the presence of oil, the AquaCUT RPM components deform and minimize the restriction of the formation pore throat, allowing oil or gas to flow unimpeded. Alternatively, in the presence of water, the water-wetting polymer expands, filling the pore throats which increases the resistivity of water flow.

Aquacut RPM可以通过卷轴(CT)泵送或泵送到靶向,并显着降低产生的流体的水相,包括高盐度盐水。虽然用于通过基质流量产生过量水的储层最佳用途,但水上rpms还可用于通过水束临时减轻水产量。



Wells that may have been shut in due to surface water handling/disposal can now be revitalized, increasing salable production. Less water means less build-up of scale, helping to decrease maintenance and treatment facility expenses. Decreased water production results in reduced water treatment and disposal, which helps to reduce CO2emissions. Decreased water production also minimizes the cost of downhole pump repair and surface costs for storage and handling−improving lifting costs per unit of production. By increasing saleable production and reducing water production, AquaCUT RPM treatments can often yield impressive results in economic performance.

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