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  • Eliminates considerable travel time, cost, and logistics
  • 与传统现场方法相同的可靠性水平

  • Full visibility of equipment and test procedures through live video, audio, and secure data displays
  • Experienced Field Service Engineers work closely with your team before and after test to ensure highest productivity
  • 虚拟连接的全面技术支持

  • Full-load, full-speed turbomachinery test
  • Power generation
  • Mechanical drive



A string test is a major project milestone performed on the first full set of equipment. It's the only way to replicate and simulate site operating conditions and prove that all the major components function together as they should. A字符串测试接受证书是整个项目的按时交付的重要指标。

The test performs a mechanical running assessment, and measures equipment vibration and bearing temperatures at full speed and full load. Any fit or assembly problems are identified and resolved. Auxiliary and control systems are also calibrated, which minimizes these activities in the field.


String tests can take from one day up to several days or weeks to complete. They typically involve face-to-face participation by various customer representatives, inspectors, engineering and project management teams—which often results in well over 30 people present on the test site to verify equipment performance. At the best of times, clearing schedules and making travel plans for all these people is a feat in itself.


Baker Hughes has the digital infrastructure to deliver a reliable, fully remote approach—avoiding the need for anyone to travel to witness a string test. Procedures are performed on equipment located at our testing facilities. We leverage a combination of teleconferencing and virtual-meeting software to enable audio and video interaction across any number locations around the globe.

Our Field Service Engineers use智能头盔- 硬帽和各种相机,计算机视觉和传感器技术的组合 - 让每个人都参与测试设备的步行。所有参与者都可以实时看到和聆听,并且客户工程师可以清楚地了解包装中的所有设备。在测试期间,远程参与者还可以通过我们的远程监视和诊断来通过安全链接查看实时数据屏幕iCenters.

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