Specialized services for your applications

管状服务from Baker Hughes offers more than 45 years of experience, unsurpassed safety, reliability, and value in a full range of specialized tubular running applications. These include tubular running, hammer services, completion assembly, and rigless intervention services.

我们提供全方位的专业设备casing and tubing running, including the Derrickman™ stabberless system, Casing Running Tools (CRT), the Leadhand™ tong positioning systems, Fill-and-Circulate tools (FAC), pickup and laydown systems, and flush-mounted spiders. A specialized sand-screen completion running system ensures sand screens are run in your well in optimum condition with no restriction to production flow. The field-proven ChromeMaster™ chrome-running system for tongs and handling tools is a fully integrated package that enables handling and makeup of chrome tubulars without damage and minimal marking. The Salvo™ torque-turn system minimizes cost by ensuring correct torque application through the control, monitoring, and recoding of every make-up, immediately detecting faulty connections.

Our Completion Assembly Services teams offer around-the-clock support, multiple fixed and mobile torque stations, and superior equipment for full torquing and pressure testing of all API, premium, and conductor connections of any size. Our team also offers a full-flow iron rental and refurbishment service.

此外,我们的锤子服务包括世界上最大的液压钢车队之一。我们在陆上和海上的各种打桩操作中成功地应用了全系列的Hydrohammer™系统 - 包括水下打桩操作 - 提供世界级可靠性,技术性能和精密控制。



Our commitment to safety and flawless execution is one of the many reasons why we’re recognized as a leading provider of tubular services around the world. With our competence and safety programs, our global staff are trained according to rigorous standards. We’re certified to ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001.


All of our personnel are required to perform to our industry-recognized Competence Management Program (CMP) standards. The Field Operator Development Program (FODP) ensures the competence of each service technician is measured against a set of exacting standards. Promotional advancement is determined by each technician’s safety awareness, operational capability, and attitude.


Safety program

Our rigorous QHSE&S system standards include a “Stop Work Authority” program that ensures every employee is fully aware of his or her right and duty to stop an unsafe job, along with risk management/assessments for all our equipment.

We emphasize behavioral-based training, hazard identification, near miss reporting, accident /incident reporting, and investigation. We are also trained in Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH).

Our Operations and Hazard Identification Procedures Manual ensures safer working practices. We take a root cause approach to safety, with technologies that include remote operation capabilities that reduce the number of personnel on the rig floor.

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